About Us

When you first get to know us, you may know us for our colorful decor, complimentary pickle mix, legendary sandwiches, made-from-scratch soups and fresh green salads.  You may know us for our fun and healthy kid’s meals or our friendly staff.  Like most others, you will remember our sandwiches that are so special and unique they deserve to be named.

When our founder, Phil Wenger, started Isaac’s 35 years ago, he desired to build a special organization–one that would forever care about its employees, community and customers.  Since that time, Isaac’s has given back generously to our communities and became a leader in employee benefits and work environment.  We’ve supported local companies by purchasing their products and services as much as possible.

We still give away thousands of dollars each year to local charities and employ 500 employees in our 19 locations.  I am proud of our employees who volunteer countless hours and nearly 100% of them donate to charities through their United Way payroll deduction.  While we can boast about the best possible safety records, “Best Lunch”, “Best Sandwiches”, and “Best Kid’s Meals” awards year after year, it is our values that make Isaac’s timeless.

Our never-ending quest is for our deli artisans to have fun constructing the best sandwiches and handcrafting the most amazing soups in the world.  It is for our servers to have fun discovering those moments where they can make our customers’ day.

People frequently request, “Please open an Isaac’s in my community!”  My answer is that I would be delighted to do so long as we can live those three simple values:  Caring for our community, customers and employees.

Thank you for visiting Isaac’s!

Mike Weaver

President and CEO