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Last Week For Isaac’s “Home For The Holidays” Sandwich Menu!


If you haven’t tried the Traditional Turkey Dinner or The Roast Beast sandwiches from our “Home For The Holidays” menu you’d better hurry!  Once the holidays are over, so will this menu!  The Traditional Turkey Dinner sandwich is actually a very popular Isaac’s seasonal favorite, Thanksgiving On A Bun, with a new name.  The other 3 selections on the menu, The Roast Beast, Holiday Honey Ham and The Poinsettia, are new but are on their way to becoming seasonal favorites, too!

And to help you with your holiday parties we came up with a special Catering Party Flight featuring the sandwiches from the “Home For The Holidays” menu.  Each flight includes a sampling of the sandwiches, our famous Creamy Pepperjack Tomato Soup, Spinach Artichoke Parmesan Deli Salad and fresh-baked cookies for dessert.  PLUS, chips, pickle mix and paper supplies.  Talk to one of the Catering professionals at your local Isaac’s Locations about the “Home For The Holidays” Catering Party Flight today…but hurry…this special flight ends on December 31st, too!