Mechanicsburg Draft List

We handcraft our beers at our Downtown Lancaster, Lebanon and Lemoyne breweries in the tradition that we’ve been making sandwiches since 1983.  We strive to brew great-tasting beers consistently, using the best ingredients!

1. Hartman’s HeroesOur German style pilsner gets its name from one of our longest tenured employees who also happens to be a veteranDry on the finish & crystal clearHopped with Hallertau Blanc & Chinook4.6% ABV

2. Stronger TogetherThe seventh batch of our popular dry-hopped double IPA. This juicy & dry strong India Pale Ale is brewed with two-row Amerian barley & hopped with Azacca, Cascade and Zamba.  9.2% ABV  12 oz. pour

3. Drink It With Your Mask OnOur signature hazy IPA, brewed with white wheat, flaked and malted oats, American two-row and lactose. Heavily dry-hopped with Amarillo, Belma, and Citra hops.   6.8% ABV

4. Don’t Be JadedDry-finishing West Coast style Pale Ale with notes of citrusBrewed with American two-row Barley and crystal malts; hopped with Azacca, New Zealand Pacific Jade.   6.3% ABV

5. Purple Witzard Our Belgian style witbier aged on blueberries. A hazy purple brew crafted from Belgian wheat malt, flaked wheat and American two-row. Hopped lightly with Pacifica and Amarillo5.0% ABV

6. Uncle Johnny’s Chocolate Porter Our marketing director’s special recipe has it’s origins at Moo Duck Brewery, our friends in Elizabethtown. Hopped with Fuggle and Chinook, this brew is then aged on Ecuadorian cocoa nibs for a thick, dark chocolate and roasted barley flavor. This batch does not contain lactose like the previous Vanilla Porter.   6.0% ABV

7. Nightmare On Springwood DriveCome on down to Fast Freddy’s and get the beer of your dreams. The fourth annual Isaac’s Oktoberfest Marzen style lager, made in our Lebanon brewery. Brewed with a combination of American two-row, Vienna, and Munich malt. Hopped with Saaz and Bavarian Mandarina for a little orange marmalade on the finish5.5% ABV

8. Cheers To 40 Years To celebrate the 40th anniversary of Isaac’s Restaurants, our brewers made a ruby red Belgian Quadruple aged on red currants. Brewed with Pilsner, Munich, Brumalt, and Belgian candi sugar, this beer is hopped with Bravo, Barbe Rouge, and Callista hop.  11.7% ABV  12 oz. pour

9. McIlyar’s Dry Stout – A rich and hoppy dark ale with complex malt and roasted barley flavor. Hopped with Nugget and UK Challenger, this brew is on the more bitter end of the spectrum of Irish stouts.  5.3% ABV

10. Dark Stout Of The Moon (Imperial Stout) – A sweet, thick & moderately bitter American Stout brewed w/ chocolate malt, roasted barley, flaked oats, American two-row, various caramel malts & lactose. Hopped with Chinook & Pacifica.   9.1% ABV  12 oz. pour

11. Queen Street FuegoOur take on the classic dry-finishing, bitter West Coast IPA. Hop lovers, look no further. Brewed with American two-row, hopped in the kettle & then heavily dry-hopped in the fermenter with Azacca, Cascade & Zamba.  6.4% ABV

12. Bohemian Hop-Sody – Don’t be a scaramouche! Try this Czech Premium Lager- a golden lager with a malty pilsner base but crisp finish. Hopped with Saaz and Challenger hops 6.8% ABV

Flights are available!