Greenfield Isaac’s CKB Draft List

We handcraft our beers at our Downtown Lancaster brewery in the tradition that we’ve been making sandwiches for the past 38 years.  We strive to brew great-tasting beers consistently, using the best ingredients!

1. Dutch Amber Rambler – Our American Amber is brewed with primarily American two-row and specialty malts for a malty caramel body.  Nugget, Cascade and Centennial hops round it out with a citrus-y sweetness without too much hop bitterness.   5.8% ABV

2. Cure For The Winter Blues – Shake off the blues and warm up with our American Brown Ale. Brewed with American two-row barley, chocolate malt and specialty malts. Hopped with Pacifica for a little orange marmalade chocolately finish6.2% ABV

3. Your Mom’s Hot…Peppers! – White Stout brewed with Vienna and smoked malts, roasted barley and flaked oats.  Hopped with Azacca and aged on organic hot peppers and mangos.   8.3% ABV

4. Solstice Special– We have wanted to brew a Black IPA for quite some time and as luck would happen we got to brew it FINALLY on the 2021 Winter Solstice!  Talk about auspicious timing!  Brewed with a special blend of American two-row malt, some flaked rye and Midnight Wheat and hopped with Azacca, Chinook and Cascade, this beer comes across crispy and dry. 7.5% ABV

5. Scarlet Red Ipa – In a sense our dual-hop Red IPA is the other end of the spectrum from our American Amber.  Chinook and Amarillo give this a dry, bitter hop edge while Caramunich and caramel wheat malts round out the body. 5.9% ABV

6. Plum Ginger Grizzly – Our rich-bodied Winter Warmer is brewed with Maris Otter, chocolate and specialty malts along with crystalized ginger, fresh cinnamon sticks, plums, sweet orange peel and cloves . If you’ve got the winter blues (or maybe you’re just cold) give this a try! Hopped with UK Challenger and Amarillo7.5% ABV

7. mcllyar’s irish red – A malty Irish-style Red Ale brewed with English Maris Otter two-row barley and roasted barley with small amounts of crystal and chocolate malts added for color.  Hopped with Willamette and UK Challenger hops   4.2% ABV

8. Uncle Johnny’s Hangover Helper PorterOur marketing director’s special Porter recipe has its origins at our friends in Elizabethtown’s Moo-Duck Brewery.  We jazzed up the original recipe of chocolate, brown and American two-row malts with some lactose and malted oats while aging the brew on some fair-trade, whole Panama coffee beans. 6.0% ABV

9. New Brew Coming Soon!

10. New Brew Coming Soon!

11. New Brew Coming Soon!

12. New Brew Coming Soon!

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