Event 3 – Financial Savings

Purpose:  To encourage good habits around saving money.  Saving money feels great and can supply a little relief when some “emergency” money is needed.
What You Have To Do:  Participants are to place $10 per week or $20 per pay into a savings account of their choice.  For the duration of event, 8 weeks (4 pay periods).  Total at end of event should equal $80.00.  At end of competition, participant needs to show GM either a copy of savings account statement or the saving account deposit slips.
Dates of Event: This event runs 1/23 – 3/19 (8 Weeks).
Enrollment Form: No enrollment form needed.
Final Form: “$10 Savings Per Week” form faxed to CO by 3/24/16. Click “HERE” to get form.
Prizes:  Those who complete the event will be entered into a drawing to double their savings with a $80 bonus.