Handbook | Isaac's Restaurants



Section A – Welcome
Section B – Overview and Definition of Terms
Section C – Employee Benefits
Section D – Initial Qualifications for Company Benefits
Section E – Group Insurance
Section F – Paid Time Off (PTO)
Section G – Family Medical Leave Act
Section H – Other Leave
Section I – 401(K) Salary Savings Plan
Section J – Expense Reimbursement
Section K – Manager Training Program


Section A – Equal Employment Opportunity Statement
Section B – Dress Requirements
Section C – Time Keeping
Section D – Attendance
Section E – Open Kitchen
Section F – Company Equipment Use, Proprietary & Confidential Information
Section G – Personnel Records Policy
Section H – A Safe Work Environment
Section I – Working with Others
Section J – Pay Practices and Tip Reporting
Section K – Handling the Press
Section L – Discipline and Termination Policy and Process
Section M – Grievances
Section N – Resignation and Employee References
Section O – Customer Service Policy
Section P – Privacy Notice
Section Q – Alcohol
Section R – Tobacco-Free Workplace Policy
Section S – Social Media Policy
Section T – Anti-Nepotism Policy
Section U – Employee Health